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Written On: 09 March

The Untold Story of Jaydip Damasiya - CEO - E6WebSolutions

Many Web Development and application Development organizations are there in the market; in any case, some organizations have extraordinary boundaries and character that lead from the CEO and Team of their organization. Everybody is chasing after various jobs, obligations, and a few objectives in their day-to-day existence; however, today, we are sharing the information of one character who made their Empire from one PC. Isn't it interesting for you? Let's know about that personality. The JD-Jaydip Damasiya, the name is enough for each IT Geeks.

Who is Jaydip Damasiya?

Jaydip Damasiya is the CEO of E6WebSolutions. He is a highly focused, calm, and excited individual. Being the author of the organization, he does what needs to be done improvement exercises and keeps up with relations with clients. His magnetic and result-driven approach has helped the organization develop and accomplish this stature where the organization stands. His vision, long haul arranging, and sensitive information on most recent advances made this association effective and beneficial in such a brief timeframe.

Jaydip Damasiya guarantees that the organization gets cutting-edge and most recent information on various innovations and patterns in this severe market. His critical thinking abilities and co- appointment capacities make him suitable among clients and colleagues. His areas of interest are enamouring, which incorporates Soccer, Travel, Family, Entrepreneurship, and their Team.

How JD Makes Their Empire?

A couple of years back, JD was there in college; after fruitions of BCA and MCA, he chose to make their endeavours, who helps each business in their area through Web Development and Application Development. He knows programming language and advancement profoundly. Nonetheless, he needs more additional abilities and improvements, yet he can't get in their specified time from India. In the wake of hunting a ton of things, he at long last chose to go to Singapore, where he can use his solidarity, back in 2020, His motivations, he began their first ventures in Singapore and the second one in Ahmedabad known as E6WebSolutions by employing some geek companions.

The underlying days were without a doubt extreme; versatile applications were not yet vital for organizations. An extravagant site would be more adept for the CEOs in the best-case scenario. JD and his group struggled to persuade the CXOs about the need to put resources into applications and web development.

This was even more burdensome, thinking that a large portion of the clients E6WebSolutions was contributing was based in the US/Singapore. There was no versatile application biological system in India. However, the underlying disillusionment didn't dismay JD and his group, and they endured with the extraordinary contribution. To alleviate the gamble, the organization likewise wandered in other associated specialized administrations like IT consulting, including website maintenance, digital marketing, UI/UX design, and more. Be that as it may, and still, at the end of the day, it never left sight of its Brand, specifically Mobile App Development and Web Development.

Over the following, not many years, E6WebSolutions developed a fantastic impression. It won clients across the US, UK, Japan, Europe, and even India. In three years, the organization created over 70+ applications & 100+ Websites for an assortment of organizations, from cafés to medical services. To such an extent, in 2021, E6WebSolutions recognized it as "Best Web Development Company in Singapore and India."

As indicated by JD, one of the conclusive purposes for the progress of E6WebSolutions is its one-of-a-kind estimating module. While most application engineers charge a little fortune for making an application, E6WebSolutions does it for a much-decreased aggregate that is superseded with a retainer expense for "application upkeep." Today E6WebSolutions valuation is assessed to be more than $5 million. However, at that point, the youthful CEO isn't settling for the status quo; he has his vision fixed on the following huge thing.