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As time elapses, we have dealt with many issues due to Coronavirus; Safety and measures are equalling for every individual related to various businesses; nowadays, Covid is someplace what stowed away. However, safeguards and Safety are essential at every one of the spots, yet what might be said about security when we are going for an excursion or in the restaurant, café, or food place?


As we probably are aware, the single and most reusable thing in the eatery and the restaurant is the menu. Everybody is contacting them and requesting their cherished food varieties; notwithstanding, we don't know who has got them beforehand. We even can't do clean also, So Eatcon is concocted the most excellent thought in the set of experiences created by E6WebSolutions.

With the safeguards and security, we fostered the applications for everyone individuals and eatery who needs to request the food varieties without contacting anything like menus and partake in their ends of the week. Also, the client doesn't have to download any applications or anything with the safeguard. Visit any café and scan the code. You will see the full menu of food varieties requested and partake in the suppers.


How It Works

  • The client examines the standardized tag accessible in their table of café.
  • The client can download the menu and select the food sources without downloading any applications.
  • The link will appear for payment.
  • Pay the sum according to the food orders.
  • The staff will accept your request according to your necessities.
  • In Similarly, the café will accept your request in their administrator board.
  • They check your request and payment.
  • You will get your cherished food varieties at your table.