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Jaydip Damasiya – CEO – E6WebSolutions

"Capital, Resources, and Development aren't scant. Vision is."

Jaydip Damasiya, also known as JD, has top-to-bottom information about Software Delivery and 7+ long stretches of Experience with the Web and Mobile App development industry.

Jaydip Damasiya's mastery says more regarding him than words can at any point do. He has broad involvement with All the innovation, and right now, he is serving their commitments towards the organization from Singapore.He can take a decisive victory and is ready to meet or surpass clients' needs and assumptions. Moreover, being a hard disciplinarian in managing clients, he can accommodate clients and clear them in his grasp, and clients are especially happy with his correspondence and activity; he includes making compromises with various gatherings to meet or surpass partners' needs and the speed at which he can convey the undertakings are amazing.

JD has confidence in chipping away at individuals, which makes him exceptionally strong towards his colleagues. Keeping the worth of E6WebSolutions regardless of how terrible the issue is, Jaydip Damasiya ensures it is done insightfully.


  • B2B Growth Plans
  • Business Strategy
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Sage Business Counsel
  • Integrated Marketing


  • Perseverance
  • Making Good Decisions
  • Thinking Outside of the Box
  • Keeping an Eye on the Details
  • Organization


  • Work
  • Soccer
  • Travel
  • Family
  • Entrepreneurship